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1550.0630 VINEGAR.

The terms "cider vinegar," "apple cider vinegar," and "apple vinegar" are synonymous and apply only to the product made exclusively from the juice of fresh apples by alcoholic and subsequent acetous fermentations. By the term "vinegar," used without qualification, is meant cider vinegar. Any vinegar other than cider vinegar, sold or offered for sale under the name "vinegar," unqualified, will be held to be misbranded. A vinegar made by the alcoholic and subsequent acetous fermentations of the aqueous solutions prepared from apple by-product, skins, cores, and chops, shall be plainly labeled "evaporated apple products vinegar," "apple by-product vinegar," or by other term correctly describing the material from which it is produced. The apple stock from which the vinegar is prepared must be clean and sound.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 31.101

Published Electronically:

September 23, 2013