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The following uses and procedures shall also be prescribed: the following inorganic arsenical compounds: sodium arsenite, sodium arsenate, arsenic trioxide, arsenic acid, and arsenic pentoxide shall not be used for weed control. Sodium fluoroacetate, compound 1080, fluoroacetamide (1081), and phosphorus paste, including any mixture, formulation, dilution, or combination thereof shall be restricted as follows:


All the above listed pesticides shall be kept in the custody and used under the direct supervision of a master structural pest control applicator and when held in storage shall be kept in a locked cabinet or vault. Containers and other equipment for weighing, measuring, or mixing of such pesticides shall be labeled "POISON" and kept in a locked cabinet or vault.


The use of soft drink bottles or other food-type containers for storing products containing the pesticides listed above is prohibited.


The use of the above listed pesticides in dwellings is prohibited. Under certain conditions of rodent infestations, the commissioner may grant a special use permit for this compound for a stated date and dwelling location upon written application and finding that: the applicant has shown good cause why an exception would be reasonable, practical, and should be granted; the environment and the public will not be adversely affected; precaution will be taken to protect the environment and the public; and the intent of the act and parts 1505.0830 to 1505.1290 is not violated.


The use of the above listed pesticides shall be prohibited, except upon special written authorization from the commissioner. A follow-up report shall be required in all instances.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 18B.39

Published Electronically:

September 17, 2013

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes