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Under Minnesota Statutes, section 27.01, subdivision 8, paragraph (c), clause (4), perishable agricultural products protected by the Wholesale Produce Dealers Act include:


poultry and poultry products;


milk and milk products that have a shelf life of less than 60 days; and


perishable fruits and vegetables, including all fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms in fresh form whether or not packed in ice or held in cold storage, but not including perishable fruits and vegetables that have been manufactured into articles of food of a different kind or character. The effects of the following operations must not be considered as changing a commodity into a food of a different kind or character: water or steam blanching, chopping, color adding, curing, cutting, dicing, drying for the removal of surface moisture, fumigating, gassing, heating for insect control, ripening, coloring, removal of seed, pits, stems, calyx, husk, pods, rind, skin or peel, polishing, precooking, refrigerating, shredding, slicing, trimming, washing with or without chemicals, waxing or adding of sugar or other sweetening agents, adding ascorbic acid or other agents used to retard oxidation, mixing of several kinds of sliced, chopped, or diced fruits or vegetables for packaging in any type of containers, pasteurization, homogenization, and grading.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 27.14


16 SR 2441

Published Electronically:

February 5, 2007