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The agency must file the following documents with the office:


the request for comments published in the State Register;


the petition for rulemaking, if the rule was proposed in response to it;


the proposed rule, including the revisor's approval;


the statement of need and reasonableness;


the notice of intent to adopt rules as mailed and as published in the State Register;


if the chief judge authorized the agency to omit from the notice of intent to adopt rules published in the State Register the text of any proposed rule, a copy of the document authorizing the omission;


the certificate of mailing the notice of intent to adopt rules and certificate of accuracy of its mailing list;


a certificate of additional notice, if given, or a copy of the transmittal letter;


a copy of the transmittal letter or certificate showing that the agency sent a copy of the statement of need and reasonableness to the Legislative Reference Library;


all written comments and submissions on the proposed rule received during the comment period, requests for hearing, and withdrawals of requests for hearing received by the agency, except those that only requested copies of documents;


if required by Minnesota Statutes, section 14.25, subdivision 2, the notice of withdrawal of hearing request, evidence that the notice of withdrawal was sent to all persons who requested a hearing, and any responsive comments received;


a copy of the adopted rule, showing any modifications to the proposed rule and the revisor's approval of them;


if the agency adopted a substantially different rule using the procedure in part 1400.2110, a copy of the notice that was sent to persons or groups who commented during the comment period and evidence that the notice was sent to those persons or groups;


the order adopting the rule that complies with the requirements in part 1400.2090;


the notice of submission of the rule to the office, if anyone requested this notice, and a copy of the transmittal letter or certificate showing that the agency sent out this notice; and


any other document or evidence to show compliance with any other law or rule which the agency is required to follow in adopting this rule. Examples include Minnesota Statutes, section 15.0145 (Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs), 14.111 (farming operations), or 14.116 (notice to legislators).

Part 1400.2550 is a recommended certificate form. Part 1400.2560 is a recommended order adopting rules.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 14.386; 14.388; 14.51; 15.474


20 SR 2058; 26 SR 391

Published Electronically:

September 28, 2015

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes