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Key: (1) language to be deleted (2) new language

                             CHAPTER 96-S.F.No. 893 
                  An act relating to insurance; the comprehensive health 
                  association; changing benefits; changing the 
                  association's enrollment freeze date; amending 
                  Minnesota Statutes 1994, sections 62E.12; and 62Q.18, 
                  subdivision 8. 
           Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 62E.12, is 
        amended to read: 
           The association through its comprehensive health insurance 
        plan shall offer policies which provide the benefits of a number 
        one qualified plan and a number two qualified plan, except that 
        the maximum lifetime benefit on these plans shall be $1,000,000, 
        and an extended basic plan and a basic Medicare plan as 
        described in sections 62A.31 to 62A.44 and 62E.07.  The 
        requirement that a policy issued by the association must be a 
        qualified plan is satisfied if the association contracts with a 
        preferred provider network and the level of benefits for 
        services provided within the network satisfies the requirements 
        of a qualified plan.  If the association uses a preferred 
        provider network, payments to nonparticipating providers must 
        meet the minimum requirements of section 72A.20, subdivision 
        15.  They shall offer health maintenance organization contracts 
        in those areas of the state where a health maintenance 
        organization has agreed to make the coverage available and has 
        been selected as a writing carrier.  Notwithstanding the 
        provisions of section 62E.06 and unless those charges are billed 
        by a provider that is part of the association's preferred 
        provider network, the state plan shall exclude coverage of 
        services of a private duty nurse other than on an inpatient 
        basis and any charges for treatment in a hospital located 
        outside of the state of Minnesota in which the covered person is 
        receiving treatment for a mental or nervous disorder, unless 
        similar treatment for the mental or nervous disorder is 
        medically necessary, unavailable in Minnesota and provided upon 
        referral by a licensed Minnesota medical practitioner.  
           Sec. 2.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 62Q.18, 
        subdivision 8, is amended to read: 
           Subd. 8.  [COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH ASSOCIATION.] Effective 
        July 1, 1997 on the date specified by law enacted after January 
        1, 1995, pursuant to subdivision 9, the comprehensive health 
        association created in section 62E.10 shall not accept new 
        applicants for enrollment, except for Medicare-related coverage 
        described in section 62E.12 and for coverage described in 
        section 62E.18. 
           Presented to the governor April 25, 1995 
           Signed by the governor April 26, 1995, 2:05 p.m.