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Minnesota Legislature

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Key: (1) language to be deleted (2) new language


                         Laws of Minnesota 1984 

                        CHAPTER 523-H.F.No. 1831 
           An act relating to transportation; increasing special 
          permit fees for vehicles exceeding weight limitations; 
          amending Minnesota Statutes 1983 Supplement, section 
          169.86, subdivision 5. 
    Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 1983 Supplement, section 
169.86, subdivision 5, is amended to read:  
    Subd. 5.  [FEES.] The commissioner, with respect to 
highways under his jurisdiction, may charge a fee for each 
permit issued.  All such fees for permits issued by the 
commissioner of transportation shall be deposited in the state 
treasury and credited to the trunk highway fund.  Except for 
those annual permits for which the permit fees are specified 
elsewhere in this chapter, the fees shall be: 
    (a) $15 for each single trip permit. 
    (b) $36 for each job permit.  A job permit may be issued 
for like loads carried on a specific route for a period not to 
exceed two months.  "Like loads" means loads of the same 
product, weight and dimension. 
    (c) $60 for an annual permit to be issued for a period not 
to exceed 12 consecutive months.  Annual permits may be issued 
    (1) refuse compactor vehicles that carry a gross weight up 
to but not in excess of 22,000 pounds on a single rear axle and 
not in excess of 38,000 pounds on a tandem rear axle; 
    (2) motor vehicles used to alleviate a temporary crisis 
adversely affecting the safety or well-being of the public; 
    (3) motor vehicles which travel on interstate highways and 
carry loads authorized under subdivision 1a. 
    (d) $120 for an oversize annual permit to be issued for a 
period not to exceed 12 consecutive months.  Annual permits may 
be issued for:  
    (1) truck cranes;  
    (2) construction equipment, machinery, and supplies;  
    (3) manufactured homes;  
    (4) farm equipment when the movement is not made according 
to the provisions of section 169.80, subdivision 1, clauses 
paragraphs (a) to (f);  
    (5) double-deck buses;  
    (6) commercial boat hauling.  
     (e) for vehicles which have axle weights exceeding the 
weight limitations of section 169.825, an additional cost added 
to the fees listed above.  The additional cost is equal to the 
product of the distance traveled times the sum of the overweight 
axle group cost factors shown in the following chart:  
 Overweight Axle Group Cost Factors 
 Weight (pounds)          Cost Per Mile For Each Group Of:
 exceeding         Two consec-    Three consec-   Four consec-
 weight limi-      utive axles    utive axles     utive axles
 tations on        spaced within  spaced within   spaced with- 
 axles             8 feet or      9 feet or       in 14 feet 
                   less           less            or less
      0-2,000      .100           .040            .036
  2,001-4,000      .124           .050            .044
  4,001-6,000      .150           .062            .050
  6,001-8,000      Not permitted  .078            .056
  8,001-10,000     Not permitted  .094            .070
 10,001-12,000     Not permitted  .116            .078
 12,001-14,000     Not permitted  .140            .094
 14,001-16,000     Not permitted  .168            .106
 16,001-18,000     Not permitted  .200            .128
 18,001-20,000     Not permitted  Not permitted   .140
 20,001-22,000     Not permitted  Not permitted   .168
    The amounts added are rounded to the nearest cent for each 
axle or axle group.  The additional cost does not apply to 
paragraph (c), clauses (1) and (3).  
    (f) As an alternative to paragraph (e), an annual permit 
may be issued for overweight, or oversize and overweight, 
construction equipment, machinery, and supplies.  The fees for 
the permit are as follows:  
Gross Weight (pounds) of vehicle          Annual Permit Fee
     90,000 or less                             $200.00
     90,001 - 100,000                           $300.00
    100,001 - 110,000                           $400.00
    110,001 - 120,000                           $500.00
    120,001 - 130,000                           $600.00
    130,001 - 140,000                           $700.00
    If the gross weight of the vehicle is more than 140,000 
pounds the permit fee is determined under paragraph (e).  
    (g) for vehicles which exceed the width limitations set 
forth in section 169.80 by more than 72 inches, an additional 
cost equal to $120 added to the amount in paragraph (a) when the 
permit is issued while seasonal load restrictions pursuant to 
section 169.87 are in effect.  
     Sec. 2.  [EFFECTIVE DATE.] 
     Section 1 is effective January 1, 1985. 
    Approved April 25, 1984