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Key: (1) language to be deleted (2) new language


                         Laws of Minnesota 1984 

                        CHAPTER 441-H.F.No. 1912
           An act relating to the state agricultural society; 
          changing the authority to make certain contracts; 
          amending Minnesota Statutes 1983 Supplement, section 
    Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 1983 Supplement, section 
37.19, is amended to read: 
    37.19 [CONTRACTS.] 
    The society may contract in its own name, and through its 
duly appointed officers and agents without the necessity of 
advertising for, or publicly requesting bids, and the provisions 
of this chapter, and all ordinances, bylaws, and rules adopted 
by its governing board are a part of every contract entered into 
with any exhibitor, privilege holder, lessee, licensee, or other 
person.  The society may contract for the purchase of services 
from any business, municipality, county, state agency or 
department.  The society may purchase, sell, lease, or otherwise 
engage in transactions respecting real property in its own name, 
and with terms and conditions acceptable to its board of 
managers.  The provisions of section 37.01 shall apply to the 
specific properties described therein, excepting space rental 
contracts and ground leases for a term of one year or less.  The 
society shall submit to the executive council of the state of 
Minnesota, as provided by chapter 9, all its transactions 
involving real properties for the approval of the executive 
council, and no transaction involving real property shall be 
final until approved by the executive council.  All transactions 
involving real property heretofore made by the society are 
ratified, confirmed and approved.  A contract between the 
society and an entertainer shall not prohibit the entertainer 
from performing at a location more than 80 miles from the state 
fairgrounds during the state fair or within 30 days before or 
after the state fair. 
    Approved April 23, 1984

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes