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Key: (1) language to be deleted (2) new language


                         Laws of Minnesota 1983 

                         CHAPTER 218--S.F.No. 92
           An act relating to towns, cities, and counties; 
          requiring other government units to give notice to 
          towns, cities, and counties of actions that affect 
          land use or taxation; proposing new law coded in 
          Minnesota Statutes, chapter 471.  
    Section 1.  [471.99] [NOTICE OF GOVERNMENT ACTION.] 
    Except when other notice is required by law, the state, or 
any of its political subdivisions, shall give any affected town, 
statutory or home rule charter city, and county 30 days prior 
written notice of any action by the state or political 
subdivision that will directly affect the use of land in the 
town, statutory or home rule charter city, or county relating to 
sanitary landfills, waste disposal sites, construction of new 
buildings, roads, and related facilities where the cost exceeds 
$15,000, and park establishments or boundary expansions.  Master 
plans prepared pursuant to section 86A.09 shall be considered 
adequate notice as required by this section.  Failure to give 
any notice required by this section shall not be grounds for a 
civil or criminal action of any nature against any party, for 
the imposition of a civil or criminal penalty against any party 
or for the challenge or invalidation of any action taken by the 
state, a political subdivision or any other party. 
    Approved June 1, 1983