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Minnesota Rules of Juvenile Delinquency Procedure

Rule 29.Recording


A verbatim recording of all hearings shall be made by a stenographic reporter or by an electronic reporter. If the recording is made by an electronic reporter, any requested transcripts shall be prepared by personnel assigned by the court.

29.02Availability of Transcripts

Subdivision 1. Child's Counsel and Prosecuting Attorney.

Transcripts of hearings for further use in the hearing or subsequent hearings, appeal, habeas corpus action or for other use as the court may approve, shall be made available to the child's counsel or the prosecuting attorney upon written request to the court reporter.

Subd. 2.Counsel for Parent(s), Legal Guardian or Legal Custodian.

Transcripts of hearings for use at dispositional hearings, for appeal from disposition hearings, or for other use as the court approves, shall be made available to counsel for the parent(s), legal guardian or legal custodian of the child when they participate pursuant to Rule 2.04, subdivision 3. Applications for transcripts shall be made to the court in writing or on the record.

(Amended effective for all juveniles taken into custody and all juvenile delinquency actions commenced or children taken into custody after 12 o'clock midnight September 1, 2003.)


If the person requesting a transcript is unable to pay the preparation cost, the person may apply to the court for an order directing the preparation and delivery of the transcript to the person requesting it, at public expense. Depending on the ability of the person to pay, the court may order partial reimbursement for the cost of transcript.

Comment--Rule 29

References in this rule to "child's counsel" include the child who is proceeding pro se. Minn. R. Juv. Del. P. 1.01.

Reference in this rule to "counsel for the parent(s), legal guardian, or legal custodian" includes the parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian who is proceeding pro se. Minn. R. Juv. Del. P. 1.01.