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Rule 806.Jury Source List

(a) The jury commissioner for each county shall be responsible for compiling and maintaining copies of all lists to be used in the random selection of prospective jurors. These lists shall be compiled when the court finds it necessary. No names shall be placed on the source list, master list, grand jury list, or petit jury venire except as provided by the applicable jury administration plan, or these rules.

(b) The voter registration and driver's license list for the county must serve as the source list. The source list may be supplemented with names from other lists specified in the jury administration plan. Whoever has custody, possession, or control of the lists used in compiling the source list shall provide them to the jury commissioner, upon request and for a reasonable fee, at any reasonable time. All lists shall contain the name and address of each person on the list.

(c) The source list must be used for the random selection of names or identifying numbers of prospective jurors to whom qualification questionnaires and summonses for service must be sent.

(d) When the source list is so large that its use for selecting prospective jurors and mailing out summonses and questionnaires is unreasonably cumbersome, burdensome, and noneconomical, a second list may be created. This master list shall be randomly drawn from the source list.

(e) The jury commissioner shall review the jury source list once every four years for its inclusiveness and the jury pool for its representativeness of the adult population in the county and report the results to the chief judge of the judicial district.

(f) If the chief judge, or designee, determines that improvement is needed in either the inclusiveness of the jury source list or the representativeness of the jury pool, appropriate corrective action shall be ordered.

(Amended effective January 1, 2008.)

Advisory Committee Comment - 1994 Amendment

Rule 806 is amended to incorporate a change made in jury source list creation that predated the adoption of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice but which was not incorporated in the final draft of the rules. This change is not intended to change the existing practice in creation of jury source lists.

Advisory Committee Comment - 2008 Amendment

Rules 806(e) and (f) are amended to state the jury commissioner's responsibility more precisely. Because a jury commissioner does not have control over the composition of the jury source list, the rule should not impose a duty relating to the source list. It shifts that responsibility, however, to require the jury commissioner assess the representativeness of the jury pool as a whole, not the constituent lists. This amendment is not intended to lessen in any way the representativeness of jury pools. This change is similar in purpose and form to the amendment of Minn. Gen. R. Prac. 803, effective January 1, 2007.