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Legislative Session number- 82

Bill Name: SF3100

E Relating to human services; providing for medical assistance (MA)
reimbursement for approved tribal health professionals, specifying certain
credentialing requirements and exempting Indian health services and agencies
from county contract or certification requirements to enroll as providers of
certain services; reducing the medical assistance, general assistance medical
care (GAMC) and MinnesotaCare participation percentage for dental service
providers to be able to participate in state or public employee health insurance
plans and programs; requiring the replacement after a certain date of facility
fee payments for outpatient hospital emergency room and clinic visits based on
the medicare outpatient prospective payment system by a budget neutral
prospective payment system derived from medical assistance data and delaying the
requirement for reimbursement for other hospital outpatient services under the
budget neutral system; requiring the commissioner of human services under the
medical assistance prepayment demonstration project in consultation with a
health care actuary to evaluate the regional prospective reimbursement rate
relationships based on actual health plan costs for health care programs,
authorizing the commissioner to establish new rate regions recognizing
metropolitan areas outside the seven county metropolitan area (mk, ja)