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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Building accessibility, building code requirements, see ACCESSIBILITY CODE


Accidents, Minn. Rules 1307.0040

Alteration, maintenance, or repair

Approval, Minn. Rules 1307.0035

ASME code, compliance, Minn. Rules 1307.0090

Damaged installations, Minn. Rules 1307.0090

Permits, Minn. Rules 1307.0030

Authorities having jurisdiction, duties, generally, Minn. Rules 1307.0030

Building code requirements, Minn. Rules 1307.0010

Enforcement of rules, Minn. Rules 1307.0010

Fines, accident reporting violations, Minn. Rules 1307.0040


Accident investigation reports, Minn. Rules 1307.0040

Frequency, Minn. Rules 1307.0090

Installation, removal, alteration, or relocation, Minn. Rules 1307.0035

Notice requirements, Minn. Rules 1307.0035, 1307.0090

Permits, exceptions, Minn. Rules 1307.0030

Installation, Minn. Rules 1307.0030, 1307.0035

Investigations, accidents, Minn. Rules 1307.0040

Operation, discontinuance, Minn. Rules 1307.0040, 1307.0090

Owners, accidents, duties, Minn. Rules 1307.0040

Permits, Minn. Rules 1307.0030

Plans and specifications, approval, Minn. Rules 1307.0035

Purpose of rules, Minn. Rules 1307.0010

Relocation, approval, Minn. Rules 1307.0035

Removal, Minn. Rules 1307.0030, 1307.0035

Reporting requirements, Minn. Rules 1307.0040, 1307.0090

Safety, Minn. Rules 1307.0035, 1307.0090

Scope of rules, Minn. Rules 1307.0010

Special transportation services, see Wheelchair lifts under SPECIAL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES

Tests and testing, installation, removal, alteration, or relocation, Minn. Rules 1307.0035

Violations and penalties, accident reporting violations, fines, Minn. Rules 1307.0040

Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES

Safety devices in motor vehicles, see Wheelchair safety devices under MOTOR VEHICLES

School buses, Minn. Rules 7470.1600

Securement devices, see Wheelchair securement devices under SPECIAL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES

Special transportation services, Minn. Rules 8840.5100 to 8840.6300

Use, special transportation services drivers and attendants, training, Minn. Rules 8840.5910

Violations and penalties, lifts, accident reporting violations, fines, Minn. Rules 1307.0040