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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes



Definitions, dairy industry, Minn. Rules 1525.2890, 1525.3040

Delivery equipment, Minn. Rules 1550.0930 to 1550.1020

Dried or powdered milk, definitions, Minn. Rules 1525.2890, 1525.3040

Dry milk and dry milk products, pasteurization, Minn. Rules 4626.0177

Fluid milk and fluid milk products

Food and beverage service establishments, obtaining, Minn. Rules 4626.0140

Pasteurization, Minn. Rules 4626.0140, 4626.0177

Grades and grading, payment for, basis, Minn. Rules 1525.2970

Malted milk, defined, Minn. Rules 1525.2890

Milk products, definitions, dairy industry, Minn. Rules 1525.3040

Pasteurization, food and beverage service establishments, Minn. Rules 4626.0177

Price, grade of milk basis, Minn. Rules 1525.2970


Notice received

Grades of milk, computation, Minn. Rules 1525.2970

Quality, noncompliance, Minn. Rules 1525.1470

Quality test reports, Minn. Rules 1525.1470

Purchasers, dairies, Minn. Rules 1525.1470 to 1525.2700

Quality testing, Minn. Rules 1525.1470

Records and record keeping, tests and testing, skim milk, Minn. Rules 1525.2990

Reports about, tests and testing, quality testing, Minn. Rules 1525.1470

Skim milk, defined, Minn. Rules 1525.3040


Delivery equipment, Minn. Rules 1550.0960

Food and beverage service establishments, Minn. Rules 4626.0165

Tests and testing, Minn. Rules 1525.1470

Wholesale produce dealers, Minn. Rules 1500.0101 to 1500.3600

WIC program, Minn. Rules 4617.0002 to 4617.0176