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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Continuing education, certified public accountants, Minn. Rules 1105.3100

Courses, driver education programs, Minn. Rules 7411.0535

Online access, defined, Minn. Rules 8280.0015

Telephone directories, Minn. Rules 7810.2900, 7810.2950, 7811.0600, 7812.0600

Web pages, government information on

Digital signatures law, URLs in

Certification authorities, license applications, Minn. Rules 8275.0015

Certification authority disclosure records, Minn. Rules 8275.0105

Certification practice statements, Minn. Rules 8275.0045

Common criteria protection profile for commercial security (CCPPCS), Minn. Rules 8275.0040

Repositories, recognition requirements, Minn. Rules 8275.0110

Environmental assessment worksheets, completion, Minn. Rules 4410.1500

Fishing seasons and limits, Mille Lacs Lake, Minn. Rules 6262.0575, 6264.0400

High voltage transmission lines

Environmental assessments, Minn. Rules 7850.3700

Final decisions, alternative permitting process, Minn. Rules 7850.3900

Route permit applications, Minn. Rules 7850.1700

Large electric power generating plants

Environmental assessments, Minn. Rules 7850.3700

Final permit decisions, Minn. Rules 7850.2700, 7850.3900

Site permit applications, Minn. Rules 7850.1700

Minnesota plant database, wetlands conservation, Minn. Rules 8420.0112

Protected waters and wetlands, maps, Minn. Rules 7020.0205

Secretary of state, Minn. Rules 8280.0270, 8280.0280

Soil surveys, Minn. Rules 7020.0205

URL (uniform resource locator), digital signatures, Minn. Rules 8275.0015

Watershed management organizations, Minn. Rules 8410.0150

Watershed mapping project, Minn. Rules 8420.0112

Workers' compensation medical services fees, Minn. Rules 5221.0405