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Campaign finance requirements, Minn. Rules 4503.0200

Economic interest disclosure

Application of rules, Minn. Rules 4505.0010

Definitions, Minn. Rules 4505.0100

Filing requirements, Minn. Rules 4505.0900

Real property, valuation and disclosure, Minn. Rules 4505.0700

Scope of rules, Minn. Rules 4505.0010

Election recounts, duties

Challenged ballots, procedures, Minn. Rules 8235.0800

Observation and access, Minn. Rules 8235.0700

First-time candidates, campaign expenditure limits, Minn. Rules 4503.1400

Human services merit system employees, Minn. Rules 9575.0080

Independent candidates, listing on white ballots, Minn. Rules 8250.1000

Local public health employees merit system, Minn. Rules 4670.0500

Names on ballots, see Candidate names under BALLOTS

Nominating petitions

Application of rules, Minn. Rules 8205.1010 to 8205.1050

Filing officers

Defined, Minn. Rules 8205.1040

Duties, Minn. Rules 8205.1040, 8205.1050

Filing requirements, Minn. Rules 8205.1040

Form and contents, Minn. Rules 8205.1010

Photocopies, circulating, Minn. Rules 8205.1020

Receipts (documents), from filing officers, Minn. Rules 8205.1040

Signing petitions, Minn. Rules 8205.1030

Nomination, certification by secretary of state, Minn. Rules 8250.0800

Notice received, election recounts, Minn. Rules 8235.0300

Principal campaign committees, duties and responsibilities, Minn. Rules 4503.0200

Public safety employees merit system, political activity, Minn. Rules 7520.0300

Public subsidy agreements, Minn. Rules 4503.1400


Campaign reports or other documents, generally, Minn. Rules 4501.0300

Debt transfer agreements, Minn. Rules 4503.0300

Governor, lieutenant governor candidates, on public subsidy agreements, Minn. Rules 4503.1300

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