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Notice of Intent to Adopt

An agency must publish this notice in the State Register to start the formal process to adopt rules when it intends to adopt a rule without a public hearing. The text of the proposed rules is also published in the State Register at the same time. The notice tells the public the general process that the agency will follow in adopting the rules and how to provide comment on the rules. The public is given 30 days to comment on the proposed rules. This notice can be made part of a dual notice.

An agency was required to publish a notice of intent to adopt emergency rules for emergency rules adopted before January 1, 1996, and the Department of Natural Resources is required to publish this notice in the State Register for emergency game and fish rules.

Background law: MS 14.125, 14.22, 14.225, 14.389, 182.655, MS 1994 14.30, 84.027, subd. 13, 97A.0452, MR 1400.2080, 1400.2085