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MARSS Working Group - 9/14/17

Full audio of the meeting


Members Present

Bert Black, Patricia Winget, Beth Scheffer, Rebecca Gaspard, Mary H. Lynn, Jodi Pope, Wendy Legge, Kerstin Forsythe Hahn.

Members Excused

Denise Collins

The following packet was handed out:

The meeting of the MARSS Working Group held in the conference room of the Board of Cosmetology was called to order by Kerstin Forsythe Hahn at 2:02 p.m. The working group has agreed that they are following the requirements of the open meeting law.

Business Addressed

Motion to approve the Minutes of the meeting held August 17, 2017, by Kerstin Forsythe Hahn. Carries.

  • Requirements Scope Document
    • Working group will look over document and bring questions to the next meeting.
  • Recommendations Summary
    • Working group went through recommendations. They will bring back any concerns at the next meeting.
  • Discussion of Potential Statutory Changes
    • Amend section 14.365 to state that the official rulemaking record shall be maintained by the Revisor using the MARSS system.
    • Amend to clarify that only public information is part of the official rulemaking record.
    • Amend to state that large or 3-dimensional exhibits are not part of the official rulemaking record if a photograph is retained.
    • Amend to state that the Revisor shall maintain a current, public rulemaking docket using the MARSS system. Each agency shall provide the information necessary to maintain a rulemaking docket for that agency.
    • Notice to interested parties and rulemaking lists are something to keep in mind for the future.

Adjourn 4:00 p.m.