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MARSS Working Group - 1/3/18

Full audio of the meeting


Members Present

Bert Black, Patricia Winget, Beth Scheffer, Mary H. Lynn, Jodi Pope, Kerstin Forsythe Hahn, Denise Collins, and Suzanne Todem, designated by the commissioner of labor and industry to represent the Department of Labor and Industry instead of Wendy Legge at this meeting.

Member Excused

Rebecca Gaspard.

Chief Judge Tammy Pust of the Office of Administrative Hearings was present.

The following materials were handed out:

The meeting of the MARSS Working Group held in Room 1100 of the Minnesota Senate Building was called to order by Kerstin Forsythe Hahn at 2:04 p.m. The working group has agreed that they are following the requirements of the open meeting law.

Motion to approve the Minutes of the meeting held December 7, 2017, by Kerstin Forsythe Hahn.
Carries as amended.

Blurbs to be written up to include in legislative report Sections to be drafted:

Replace blurbs with sections in the last section of the minutes.

Discussion/decision on how report will be approved:

There will be a detailed discussion at the January 16, 2018, meeting. The working group will then vote on approval of the report. Goal is to come to a consensus.

Discussion of draft report and suggested edits:

  1. Overall feedback/global suggestions:
    -Find a clearer way to define the MARSS system.
  2. Section by section brief overview with major suggested edits:
    -The working group went over the report discussing section by section. The group was asked if they had any edits to present.
  3. SOS suggested language for inclusion:
    -Bert provided language to be added to the report. The language was suggested to make it perfectly clear where the Office of the Secretary of State stands in regard to the report. They are not convinced a substantial number of people are interested or would benefit from this system.
    -A motion to amend the language Bert presented was discussed. The language reads:
    This report takes no position on the question of whether the proposed MARSS system should be implemented at all or further developed at any imminent time. It also takes no position, other than defining funding options, in favor of or against the imminent funding of the proposed MARSS system, or of any specific funding option.
    -The motion does not pass.
    -Bert followed with another motion:
    There were two dissenting members of the Working Group: Denise Collins, on behalf of Chief Judge Tammy Pust of the Office of Administrative Hearings, and Bert Black on behalf of the Secretary of State Steve Simon. Dissent was based on the perceived lack of demand or need for the system at the present time as well as concerns over funding and cost issues in this time of budget shortfall.
    -Motion passes.
    -Beth stated that she would like a sentence added to counterbalance.
    -A deadline for the amendment was set to January 10, 2018.
  4. OAH request to document not supporting cost of project:
    -Chief Judge Tammy Pust discussed OAH's concerns. They believe the cost is too high and that regarding the public, not enough are affected to support the cost. OAH can submit own minority report that is not attached to report.

Option to submit report to Governor's Office as a courtesy prior to submitting to legislature:

The question of whether to send a courtesy copy to the Governor's Office was addressed. There will be no feedback or edits requested of the office. The report would be sent a couple days before the final report is submitted. Some members believe this is a wise thing to do. Others believe that it would not make sense to send the report in. This question will be decided at the next meeting.


Chief Judge Tammy Pust of the Office of Administrative Hearings was present. Suzanne Todnem of the Department of Labor and Industry was present and filling in for Wendy Legge.

Working group tasks and goals to accomplish before next meeting:

Will need to total hours/cost or hours and hourly rate shortly after January 16, 2018, meeting to compile total cost. Will include Revisor's Office costs as well.

Adjourn: 4:12 p.m.