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MARSS Working Group - 1/16/18

Full audio of the meeting


Members Present

Bert Black, Patricia Winget, Beth Scheffer, Mary H. Lynn, Jodi Pope, Kerstin Forsythe Hahn, Rebecca Gaspard, and Wendy Legge.

Members Excused

Denise Collins.

The following materials were handed out:

The meeting of the MARSS Working Group held in Room 10 of the State Office Building was called to order by Kerstin Forsythe Hahn at 2:01 p.m. The working group has agreed that they are following the requirements of the open meeting law.

Motion to approve the Minutes of the meeting held January 3, 2018, by Kerstin Forsythe Hahn.
Carries as amended:

Members Present:

Bert Black, Patricia Winget, Beth Scheffer, Mary H. Lynn, Jodi Pope, Kerstin Forsythe Hahn, Denise Collins, and Suzanne Todem, designated by the commissioner of labor and industry to represent the Department of Labor and Industry instead of Wendy Legge at this meeting.

Members Member Excused:

Rebecca Gaspard and Wendy Legge.


Chief Judge Tammy Pust of the Office of Administrative Hearings was present.
Suzanne Todnem of the Department of Labor and Industry was present and filling in for Wendy Legge.

Revisit opposition statement conversation

Update from Mary

Mary sat down with leads of her agency and filled them in on what the working group has accomplished so far. They believe that it is not up to the working group to determine if the project should be funded, it is up to the legislature. It is believed that the report should remain neutral.

Update from SOS and OAH

Bert stated SOS has the same stance as they had at the January 3rd meeting.

Revisit decision to include counterbalancing statement from January 3rd meeting

Is the position still do NOT include a counterbalancing statement?

Wendy made a motion to add a counterbalancing statement. The statement read as follows:

"The majority of the working group did not take a position on whether or not the MARSS system should be funded. The legislature did not request or authorize the working group to provide any such recommendation. It is up to the legislature to determine if and when the system should be funded after considering the advantages of the system, the cost, and the funding options."

The working group agreed to bring this language back to their agencies. Patricia made a motion to move to table. The counterbalancing statement will be addressed at the next meeting.

Discussion of final draft report

Time to review/send edits

The working group went through the report and made notes on several minor editorial changes. The group was asked to send in any edits before the next meeting.

Option to submit report to Governor’s Office as a courtesy prior to submitting to legislature

The group believes there is no reason to send to the Governor’s Office prior to submitting to the legislature. It will be sent to the office at the same time it is sent to the legislature.

Cost of report

Kerstin needs the total hours/cost or hours and hourly rate from each working group member before the next meeting.

Next steps

Members are asked to send any edits to the report to Kerstin before the next meeting. If any members have any additional counterbalancing language, please circulate throughout the group as soon as possible in order to have time to discuss at next meeting.

Adjourn: 3:37 p.m.