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Key: (1) language to be deleted (2) new language


                         Laws of Minnesota 1992 

                        CHAPTER 459-S.F.No. 2247 
           An act relating to human services; defining supported 
          employment services; prohibiting the commissioner from 
          adopting rules requiring counties to separate their 
          public guardianship function from their case 
          management function, unless state funding is provided 
          to cover county costs; requiring a report; proposing 
          coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 252. 
    Section 1.  [252.431] [SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT SERVICES; 
    The commissioners of jobs and training, human services, and 
education shall ensure that supported employment services 
provided as part of a comprehensive service system will: 
    (1) provide the necessary supports to assist persons with 
severe disabilities to obtain and maintain employment in 
normalized work settings available to the general work force 
    (i) maximize community and social integration; and 
    (ii) provide job opportunities that meet the individual's 
career potential and interests; 
    (2) allow persons with severe disabilities to actively 
participate in the planning and delivery of community-based 
employment services at the individual, local, and state level; 
    (3) be coordinated among the departments of human services, 
jobs and training, and education to: 
    (i) promote the most efficient and effective funding; 
    (ii) avoid duplication of services; and 
    (iii) improve access and transition to employability 
    The commissioners of jobs and training, human services, and 
education shall report to the legislature by January 1993 on the 
steps taken to implement this section.  
    Except as specified in this section, the commissioner of 
human services shall, within 90 days of the effective date of 
this section, submit for publication in the State Register, the 
rule parts proposed under the authority of section 252A.21, 
subdivision 2.  Notwithstanding the contrary requirements of 
section 252A.21, subdivision 2, the commissioner of human 
services shall not adopt any rule provision under this section 
requiring that the county staff that performs public 
guardianship or conservatorship duties on behalf of a person 
with mental retardation cannot be the same worker that provides 
case management services, unless the state provides sufficient 
new state funding to cover the additional county costs of 
complying with this requirement. 
    The commissioner shall submit a report to the legislature 
by January 15, 1993, which contains alternative proposals for 
providing services to public wards and which includes 
recommendations on the establishment of an independent public 
guardianship office. 
    Presented to the governor April 14, 1992 
    Signed by the governor April 17, 1992, 10:02 a.m.