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Key: (1) language to be deleted (2) new language


                         Laws of Minnesota 1987 

                         CHAPTER 8-S.F.No. 208 
           An act relating to occupations and professions; 
          architects, engineers, land surveyors, and landscape 
          architects; making certain technical changes related 
          to certain licensing exceptions; amending Minnesota 
          Statutes 1986, sections 326.03, subdivision 2; and 
    Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 1986, section 326.03, 
subdivision 2, is amended to read: 
    Subd. 2.  Nothing contained in sections 326.02 to 326.15 
shall prevent persons from advertising and performing services 
such as consultation, investigation, or evaluation in connection 
with, or from making plans and specifications for, or from 
supervising, the erection, enlargement, or alteration of any of 
the following buildings: 
    (a) Dwellings for single families, and outbuildings in 
connection therewith, such as barns and private garages; 
    (b) Two family dwellings; 
    (c) Any farm building or accessory thereto; or 
    (d) Temporary buildings or sheds used exclusively for 
construction purposes, not exceeding two stories in height, and 
not used for living quarters; 
    (e) Any public work or public improvement done by a public 
body in this state, the cost of which does not exceed $100,000, 
provided that plans and specifications for such work or 
improvement affecting water supply or waste disposal are 
approved by the appropriate state agency; or 
    (f) Any building, structure, or work, the total cost of 
which does not exceed $100,000. 
     Sec. 2.  Minnesota Statutes 1986, section 326.06, is 
amended to read: 
    Each member of the board shall receive a certificate of 
appointment from the governor, and, before beginning a term of 
office, shall file with the secretary of state the 
constitutional oath of office.  The board shall adopt and have 
an official seal, which shall be affixed to all licenses 
granted; shall make all rules, not inconsistent with law, needed 
in performing its duties; and shall fix standards for 
determining the qualifications of applicants for certificates, 
which shall not exceed the requirements contained in the 
curriculum of a recognized school of architecture, landscape 
architecture or engineering.  The board shall make rules to 
define classes of buildings with respect to which persons 
performing services described in section 326.03, subdivision 2, 
may be exempted from the provisions of sections 326.02 to 
326.15, by a finding of no probable risk to life, health, 
property or public welfare.  These rules shall be promulgated on 
or before July 1, 1979.  Upon the adoption of these rules, 
section 326.03, subdivision 2, clauses (e) and (f), are 
superseded and of no effect. 
    Approved March 25, 1987

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes