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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

2019 Minnesota Statutes Index (topics)



Community land trusts, Minn. Statutes 2019 462A.30

Housing and redevelopment authorities, Minn. Statutes 2019 469.002

Housing Finance Agency, Minn. Statutes 2019 462A.03

Determination of status, Housing Finance Agency, criteria, Minn. Statutes 2019 462A.03


Housing assistance

Community land trusts, see COMMUNITY LAND TRUSTS

Housing Finance Agency, policy, Minn. Statutes 2019 462A.02

Housing Finance Agency loans and grants, see HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY

Housing development projects, see under HOUSING PROJECTS

Life insurance companies, investments, Minn. Statutes 2019 61A.31

Technical assistance, from Housing Finance Agency, Minn. Statutes 2019 462A.07

Workforce and affordable homeownership development program, Minn. Statutes 2019 462A.38

Good food access program, generally, Minn. Statutes 2019 17.1017