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Forms provided here are for reference purposes. To download forms to fill out please visit the Minnesota Courts website.


(See Rule 84)


1. The following forms are intended for illustration only. They are limited in number. No attempt is made to furnish a manual of forms.

2. Except where otherwise indicated, each pleading, motion, or other document should have a caption similar to that of the summons, with the designation of the particular document substituted for the word "SUMMONS." In the caption of the summons and in the caption of the complaint all parties must be named, but in other pleadings and documents it is sufficient to state the name of the first party on either side, with an appropriate indication of other parties. See Rules 4.01, 7.02(2), 10.01.

3. Each pleading, motion, and other document is to be signed in his or her individual name by at least one attorney of record (Rule 11). The attorney's name is to be followed by his or her address as indicated in Form 2. In forms following Form 2 the signature and address are not indicated.

4. If a party is self-represented, the signature and address of the party are required in place of those of the attorney.