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Rule 373.Enforcement Proceedings

Rule 373.01Types of Proceedings

All proceedings seeking statutory remedies shall be heard in the expedited process except as prohibited by statute or as follows:

(a) evidentiary hearings for contempt;

(b) matters of criminal non-support;

(c) motions to vacate a recognition of paternity or paternity adjudication; and

(d) matters of criminal contempt.

Civil contempt proceedings are permitted pursuant to Rule 353.01, subd. 2.

Rule 373.02Commencement

Subdivision 1.Procedure Provided.

When an enforcement proceeding is initiated pursuant to procedures set forth in statute, and a hearing is requested as permitted by statute, the matter shall be commenced in the expedited process by service of a notice of hearing. The hearing shall proceed pursuant to Rule 364.

Subd. 2.Procedure Not Provided.

Any enforcement proceeding where the statute does not provide a procedure to obtain a hearing shall be commenced in the expedited process pursuant to Rule 372.

Subd. 3.Civil Contempt.

Civil contempt proceedings shall be commenced pursuant to Rule 374.

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