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Special Rules for the Pilot Expedited Civil Litigation Track

Rule 3.Case Management Conference

(a) Timing; Scope. Within 45 to 60 days of the date of filing of an action, or where applicable, within 30 days of filing of the Assignment to ELT, the court shall convene a Case Management Conference (CMC). All counsel and parties, whether represented or unrepresented, must participate in the CMC. At the CMC, the court and the parties shall address the following subjects:

(1) Any motion to exclude the matter from the ELT Rules made pursuant to ELT Rule 1(c) of these rules;

(2) The prospects for settlement via mediation, arbitration, court-conducted settlement conference, or other form of ADR;

(3) Any request for modification of the abbreviated discovery process required by the ELT Rules;

(4) The setting of a day or week certain trial date to begin no later than 120 to 180 days following filing of the action or, where applicable, the Assignment to ELT;

(5) The setting of a deadline for the filing of all trial documents, including witness lists, exhibit lists, jury instructions, special jury verdict forms, trial briefs and motions in limine; and

(6) The setting of the date for completion of hearing of any motions.

(b) Format; Alternative Judicial Intervention. The court may conduct the CMC by telephone or may substitute other judicial intervention (including but not limited to one or more telephone discussions or issuing a scheduling order based on information supplied by the parties in their civil cover sheet) that addresses the above subjects.

(Added effective July 1, 2013; amended effective January 1, 2016.)