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Minnesota Rules of Juvenile Delinquency Procedure

Rule 9.Settlement Discussions and Plea Agreements


In cases in which it appears that it would serve the interests of the public in the effective administration of juvenile justice under the principles set forth in this rule, the prosecuting attorney may engage in settlement discussions for the purposes of reaching a settlement agreement. If the child is represented, the prosecuting attorney shall engage in settlement discussions only through the child's counsel.

9.02Relationship Between the Child and the Child's Counsel

The child's counsel shall conclude a settlement agreement only with the consent of the child and shall ensure that the decision to enter a guilty plea is ultimately made by the child.

9.03Disclosure of Settlement Agreement

If a settlement agreement has been reached which contemplates a guilty plea, the court shall require the disclosure of the agreement and the reasons for it before the plea. The court shall reject or accept the plea on the terms of the settlement agreement. The court may postpone its acceptance or rejection until it has received the results of a pre-disposition report. If the court rejects the settlement agreement, it shall advise the parties in open court and then ask the child to either affirm or withdraw the plea.

9.04Settlement Discussions and Agreements Not Admissible

If the child enters a guilty plea which is not accepted or which is withdrawn, neither the settlement discussions, nor the settlement agreement, nor the plea shall be received in evidence against or in favor of the child in any subsequent proceeding against the child.