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Minnesota Rules of Adoption Procedure

Rule 19.Settlement


Settlement discussions may be utilized to achieve one or more of the purposes set forth in these rules.

19.02Partial Settlement

The parties may enter into a settlement of one or more issues and shall proceed to final hearing pursuant to Rule 41. Any remaining contested issues shall proceed to trial pursuant to Rule 44.

(Amended effective January 1, 2007.)

19.03Content of Settlement Agreement

Any settlement agreement shall include information that identifies:

(a) the parties to the agreement;

(b) the attorneys for the parties, if any;

(c) the judicial officer receiving the settlement;

(d) the date, time, and place the settlement was reached;

(e) any and all necessary statutory grounds and factual allegations to support the settlement agreement; and

(f) notarized signatures of all parties to the settlement.

(Amended effective July 1, 2015.)


Every settlement agreement shall be filed with the court or stated and agreed to on the record by the settling parties. Before approving a settlement agreement, the court shall determine that the agreement is in the best interests of the child and that each party to the agreement understands the content and consequences of the settlement agreement and voluntarily consents to the agreement. If the court approves the settlement agreement, it shall issue an order, judgment, or decree as appropriate. If the court rejects the settlement agreement, it shall advise the parties of this decision in writing or on the record and the matter shall proceed as any other contested adoption matter.