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2022 Court Opinions Table

This table was created as part of the revisor’s 2022 Court Opinions Report, required by Minnesota Statutes, section 3C.04, subdivision 3. The table lists sections, subdivisions, paragraphs, clauses, and items that were identified as ambiguous, vague, preempted, constitutionally suspect, or otherwise deficient in opinions of the Minnesota Supreme Court or Minnesota Court of Appeals filed after September 30, 2020, and before October 1, 2022. Full summaries of the opinions are included in the report.

Statute Citation Issue Court Opinion
Section 3.732, subdivision 1, clause (2) Are county officers and employees “persons acting on behalf of the state in an official capacity” for purposes of indemnification under the State Tort Claims Act? (ambiguity) Walsh v. State
975 N.W.2d 118 (Minn. 2022) (A20-1083)
Section 103D.311, subdivision 3 Must a county appoint a metropolitan area watershed district manager from nominees on an aggregate list of nominees submitted by cities, or may the county disregard city-submitted nominees and appoint another fairly representative watershed district manager? (ambiguity) City of Circle Pines v. County of Anoka
977 N.W.2d 816 (Minn. 2022) (A20-1637)
Section 103D.545, subdivision 3 When does a civil action arise from or relate to a violation of a watershed district rule? (ambiguity) Roach v. County of Becker
962 N.W.2d 313 (Minn. 2021) (A19-2083)
Section 176.135, subdivision 1 Does the requirement for an employer to “furnish any medical…treatment” reasonably necessary to treat a work-related injury conflict with federal law that prohibits the possession of cannabis when the employer would be required to pay for the expense of treatment using medical cannabis? (preemption) Musta v. Mendota Heights Dental Center
965 N.W.2d 312 (Minn. 2021) (A20-1551)
Section 177.23, subdivision 10 Under the Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Act, is on-call time for live-in apartment caretakers compensable as work time, or noncompensable as time merely available to work? (ambiguity) Hagen v. Steven Scott Management, Inc.
963 N.W.2d 164 (Minn. 2021) (A19-1224)
Section 245A.03, subdivision 7, paragraph (a) Must the commissioner of human services consider certain listed factors when mandatorily revoking an adult foster care license? (ambiguity) Matter of Casterton
2022 WL 2912152 (Minn. Ct. App. 2022) (A21-1393)
Section 260B.198, subdivision 1, paragraph (a) Is a juvenile defendant “found to have committed” a misdemeanor when the defendant pleaded guilty, the case was continued, and then the case was dismissed following successful completion of the terms of a six-month probation? (ambiguity) Matter of Welfare of A.J.S.
975 N.W.2d 134 (Minn. Ct. App. 2022) (A21-1046)
Section 278.05, subdivision 3 Does allowed disclosure of assessor’s records with confidential data include disclosure of nonpublic income-producing property assessment data? (ambiguity) G&I IX OIC LLC v. County of Hennepin
979 N.W.2d 52 (Minn. 2022) (A21-1493)
Section 363A.11 Does the Federal Aviation Act prevent application of the Minnesota Human Rights Act in cases where an airline refuses to serve passengers claiming safety concerns? (preemption) Williams v. Sun Country, Inc.
2021 WL 855890 (Minn. Ct. App.) (A20-0936)
Sections 463.15 through 463.261 Does the 45-day limit to apply for recovery of costs under Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure apply to recovery of expenses under the Minnesota Hazardous or Substandard Buildings Act? (ambiguity) City of Hutchinson v. Shahidullah
2021 WL 4428917 (Minn. Ct. App. 2021) (A20-1519)
Section 541.051, subdivision 1, paragraph (a) Does construction of improvement to real property include only specific types of work completed and not the project as a whole, or does it include all persons whose work is necessary to the entire process of a construction project to improve real property? (ambiguity) Moore v. Robinson Environmental
954 N.W.2d 277 (Minn. 2021) (A19-0668)
Section 624.7142, subdivision 1, clause (4) Does the meaning of “public place” apply to a person’s motor vehicle or the highway upon which it is driven? (ambiguity) State v. Serbus
957 N.W.2d 84 (Minn. 2021) (A19-1921)
Section 629.292, subdivision 1, paragraph (a) Does a speedy trial request under the Uniform Mandatory Disposition of Detainers Act remain effective when the state dismisses the pending charges before the end of the six-month disposition period? (ambiguity) State v. Mikell
960 N.W.2d 230 (Minn. 2021) (A19-0732)

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