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2014 Court Opinions Table

This table lists sections, subdivisions, paragraphs, and clauses that have been held deficient by the Minnesota Supreme Court or the Minnesota Court of Appeals between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2014.

Statute Citation Issue Court Opinion
13.02, subdivision 17 Ambiguity Minnesota Joint Underwriting Association v. Star Tribune (NO. A13-2112)
15.99, subdivision 2, paragraph (a) Ambiguity Motokazie! v. Rice County (NO. A12-0735)
256B.0659, subdivision 4,
paragraph(b), clause (1),
item (ii)
Ambiguity A.A.A. v. Minnesota Department of Human Services, (NO. A11-1831)
268.035, subdivision 29,
paragraph (a), clause (12)
Preemption Engfer v. General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, Inc., (NO. A13-0872)
268.095, subdivision 1,
clause (3)
Ambiguity Wiley v. Dolphin Staffing, (NO. A12-0383)
268.095, subdivision 3,
paragraph (c)
Ambiguity Thao v. Command Center, Inc., (NO. A12-0068)
351.02, clause (4) Ambiguity State v. Irby, (NO. A11-1852)
518.14, subdivision 1 Ambiguity Rooney v. Sanvik, (NO. A13-1875)
524.1-201, clause (32) Ambiguity In the Matter of the Estate of Pawlik, (NO. A13-1628)
604.02, subdivision 2 Ambiguity Staab v. Diocese of St. Cloud, (NO. A12-1575, NO. A12-1972)
609.215, subdivision 1 Constitutionality State v. Melchert-Dinkel, (NO. A11-0987)
609.2241, subdivision 2,
clause (2)
Ambiguity State v. Rick, (NO. A12-0058)
609.66, subdivision 1e,
paragraph (b)
Ambiguity Hennepin County v. Hayes, (NO. A11-1314)
611A.045, subdivision 1,
paragraph (a)
Ambiguity State v. Riggs, (NO. A13-1189)
629.292 Lack of Remedy Resendiz v. State, (NO. A12-1733)

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