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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 84

Bill Name: SF3480

3E Relating to commerce; requiring commissioner of commerce approval of
insurance license education course sponsors; regulating initial insurance
education sponsor approval requirements; enacting the Interstate Insurance
Product Regulation Compact Act, specifying the form; requiring the commissioner
to opt out by regulation of any uniform standard permitting a product to deny a
consumer access to the courts to resolve a dispute related to the product;
modifying certain form approvals, coverages, filings, utilization reviews and
claims provisions; regulating the filing and use of individual health insurance
policy forms and establishing a minimum loss ratio guarantee; clarifying
dependent coverage premium payments for adopted children; requiring coverage for
diabetes except for those covered under the medicare part D program; mod ifying
coverage in the medicare supplement plan; modifying certain basic
supplement plan coverages; authorizing health carriers to request
approval by the commissioner of commerce to establish separate geographic areas
for reductions in premiums for small employer health insurance in greater
Minnesota; exempting premium rates filed with the commissioner of commerce
accompanied by a minimum loss ratio guarantee from certain approval
requirements; modifying health insurance writing carriers provisions; requiring
pharmacies to disclose certain cost information; modifying Minnesota uniform
health care identification card appearance requirements; requiring health plan
companies to disclose
certain estimated payments to enrollees under certain
conditions; enacting the ?Hospital Pricing Transparency Act?; authorizing health
care providers to provide care to patients as discounted payment amounts;
modifying the definition of qualifying coverage; regulating small employer
insurance coverages; prohibiting insurers or utilization review committees from
denying coverage based solely on the grounds the treatment does not meet
evidence based standards; clarifying utilization review organization reporting
requirements; authorizing the commissioner to use reports submitted health plan
companies, service cooperatives and public employee insurance programs to
compile entity specific administrative efficiency reports; establishing a
community based health care coverage program, determining the scope of the
program, defining certain terms, giving the commissioner of health approval
authority, specifying qualifications for both employees and employers,
instructing providers
participating in the community-based health network to
accept payment according to the established rate, clarifying benefit coverage,
providing for a clear and concise statement for enrollees containing certain
information, establishing a complaint resolution process as well as a data
privacy policy, permitting the initiative to limit enrollment, providing
quarterly progress reports to the commissioner of health, sunset provision;
extending limitation periods for certain long term care insurance policy
holders; modifying the mandatory format for long term care insurance policies;
modifying contents of long term care insurance policy summaries; providing for
the death of the insured; providing
for the use of level premium; providing an
exception for authorized limitations and exclusions for expenses for services or
items available or paid to another long term care insurance or health insurance
policy; modifying renewability provisions; modifying certain required question
provisions; requiring aents to list all other health insurance polices sold to
applicants and still in force or sold within a certain period of time and no
longer in force; clarifying solicitations for accident and sickness coverage;
regulating life insurance policies accelerating benefits for long term care;
providing for the exchange of long term care partnership polices under certain
conditions; defining claim; modifying reporting requirements; excluding life
insurance policies accelerating benefits for long term care from the minimum
loss ratio; providing for the nonforfeiture benefit requirement for group long
term care insurance policy; modifying standards for marketing requirements;
requiring and providing for the
development and use of suitability standards,
specifying procedures, requiring annual reports to the commissioner of commerce;
requiring the commissioner to approve insurer and producer training requirements
in accordance with NAIC long term care insurance model act provisions; modifying
an automobile insurance basic economic loss benefits provision for senior
citizens; modifying the time period for insurance rates public availability;
modifying the determination of usual and customary payments, standard payments
and allowable payments by health
care providers; modifying policy renewal
provisions; defining assigned risk plan and employer under workers compensation
insurance for assigned risk rating plan purposes; specifying commissioner
jurisdiction over all assigned risk plan loss reserves, specifying assigned risk
rating plans, minimum qualifications and disqualifying factors; providing for
occupational disease exposure; authorizing the Minnesota self insurers security
fund to undertake an independent actuarial review or study of private self
insurers estimated future liability; clarifying operational audit provisions;
modifying reporting requirements to licensed data service organizations;
authorizing school district service cooperatives to offer
health insurance
programs including programs providing reinsurance and stop loss coverage;
authorizing group health, dental and long term disability programs provided by
service cooperatives to provide coverage to nursing homes; requiring service
cooperatives to permit school districts and other political subdivisions to
engage in health coverage pool comparison shopping under certain conditions;
modifying provisions relating to the long term care partnership program;
providing for exchange for long term care partnership policy and addition of a
policy rider under certain conditions; modifying medical assistance eligibility;
providing for long term care partnership policy inflation protection;
eliminating total asset protection policies provisions; modifying compliance
with federal law provisions; modifying certain provisions relating to
limitations on estate recovery; requiring the commissioner of human services,
cooperation with the commissioner of commerce, to pursue federal law changes
or waiver necessary to implement the program and to submit a state plan
amendment to the federal government for implementation purposes; specifying
limitations on liens; providing for burden of proof; expanding a certain
commissioner case management services report requirement to include
representatives from labor organizations representing county social service
workers; requiring and providing for the commissioner of commerce to annually
provide to the legislature a report on the status of the market for medical
malpractice insurance; repealing a health plan companies discounted payments
provision and certain rules