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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 81

Bill Name: SF3018

E Providing for the designation of standby and alternative custodians of
children by custodial parents or legal custodians in the absence of another
legal parent willing and able to render custodial care, specifying certain
designation content, form, signature and witness requirements; providing for
indication of standby or temporary custodian on drivers licenses; providing for
filing of a petition for approval of the designation with the court, requiring
and providing for petitioner notice to named designee and current caregivers;
providing for certain designation presumptions and for approval without a
hearing, requiring a hearing under certain conditions; specifying the authority
of standby or temporary custodians; providing for modification or revocation of
designations and for return of the child upon restored capacity of the
designator; providing for the effect of certain conflicting documents;
authorizing the court to require a standby or temporary custodian bond under
certain conditions; authorizing parents of minor children to designate a standby
or temporary custodian under the uniform probate code; repealing certain
provisions providing for designated caregivers, transitional provision relating
to court approval of designated caregiver agreements as standby custodians under
certain conditions (mk, ja)