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Legislative Session number- 81

Bill Name: SF2941

E Relating to vulnerable adults; requiring the health related licensing boards
to make determinations relating to disqualification of licensees from positions
allowing direct contact with persons receiving services due to substantiated
maltreatment, authorizing determinations as part of an investigation and
specifying certain consideration requirements, requiring the commissioner of
human services to notify the boards of disqualification due to substantiated
maltreatment appearing in background studies; requiring the boards to determine
the duration and extent of the disqualification, authorizing establishment of
conditions allowing the licensee to hold the direct contact position, requiring
notice to the commissioner and the lead investigating agency of determinations;
modifying the exemption from the definition of neglect for vulnerable adult
abuse purposes relating to individual mistakes; granting licensed health
professionals disqualified before a certain date the right to petition for
licensing board review; requiring the commissioner in consultation with the
commissioner of health, the health related licensing boards and representatives
of licensed and nonlicensed health professionals to study and make
recommendations to the legislature by a certain date on the coordination of
investigatory and disciplinary activity affecting licensed health professionals
for efficiency and duplication avoidance purposes (mk, ja)