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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 81

Bill Name: SF2200

E "Minnesota Propane Education and Research Act of 2000 ; requiring certain
qualified industry organizations or associations to conduct a referendum among
producers and retail marketers for the creation of a Minnesota propane education
and research council, specifying certain referendum requirements and providing
for the payment of referendum costs, voting rights to be based on the volume of
propane produced or odorized propane sold in the state in the previous calendar
year, providing for a termination referendum after council creation; providing
for membership, organization and duties of the council, specifying certain
budget and recordkeeping requirements; requiring and providing for council
assessments on odorized propane to cover the costs of plans and programs
developed by the council, specifying certain limits, providing for collection
and payment, authorizing late payment charges and interest, specifying certain
investment requirements; providing for enforcement through the district court;
requiring the price of propane to be determined by market forces, prohibiting
council action to establish an agreement to pass along assessment costs to
consumers; providing for the relationship to other laws; specifying certain
codification instructions to the revisor of statutes, contingency (mk, ja)