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Legislative Session number- 85

Bill Name: SF2161

2E Relating to real property; providing for plats of land; defining the purpose
of a plat; defining certain terms; specifying plat format contents, name, legal
description and dedication statement; requiring ownership interest
acknowledgement; providing for the designation of plat boundaries, the numbering
of blocks and the labeling of outlets; requiring plats to show all survey and
mathematical information and data necessary to locate and retrace all boundary
lines and monuments; providing for the depiction of public ways, easements and
water boundaries; requiring plat to contain a certification by the land surveyor
involved in platting the land, describing contents of certification; requiring
the surveyor certifying the plat to survey or supervise the surveying of the
land depicted in the plat; requiring county surveyor approval of the plat;
specifying city, town and county approval requirements for certain plats and
subdivided plats; providing that a transparent reproducible copy of the plat be
produced and supplied to the county recorder or register of titles or both under
certain conditions; increasing the accessibility of public certified copies;
repealing certain statutes relating to plat survey contents and preparation

(Ch. 73, 2007)