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Legislative Session number- 85

Bill Name: SF2089

3E Relating to the organization, operation and financing of state


Appropriating money for jobs and economic
development purposes; appropriating money to the commissioner of employment and
economic development (DEED) for business and community development, for grants
for rural policy and development center at St. Peter, for women's business
development programs, university enterprise laboratories (UEL) bioscience
development activities, the redevelopment grant program, for DEED small
businesses department services and a technology and commercialization unit, for
the small community wastewater treatment program, small business growth program,
bioscience business development programs, the urban challenge grant program, the
bioscience business marketing program, and the nanotechnology development fund
program (NDF), for a higher education renewable energy economic training needs
study, and the Minnesota minerals 21st century fund, for grants to metropolitan
economic development association, the Minnesota inventors congress, the Paradise
Center for the Arts in Faribault, for municipal building construction in
Northome, for the agricultural based bioscience training and testing center in
Worthington, the Walker area community center, the Pine Island economic
development authority, the Thomson township industrial park, for lakes debris
cleanup in Le Sueur county, for public facilities replacement in Warroad, for
Upper Sioux community water system improvement, for bioscience business
development and commercialization grants, for the neighborhood development
center for minority business enterprise retention at the Global market, for the
Inver Grove Heights veterans memorial community center, for the River Centre
campus in St. Paul, and for entrepreneurial and small business assistance grants
in Blue Earth, Faribault and Martin counties, for workforce development and
state funded administration purposes, for the Minnesota job skills partnership
program, for Twin Cities RISE, for opportunities industrialization center
programs, for extended employment services for persons with severe disabilities,
for mental illness employment support services grants, for independent living
center grants, for state services for the blind activities, for the Minnesota
employment center for people who are deaf or hard of hearing grants, for the
vocational rehabilitation program for people with significant disabilities for
employment assistance, for deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind students
interpreter services, for grants to advocating change together and to lifetrack
resources, for youthbuild programs, for summer youth employment in Minneapolis
and St. Paul, for grants to northern connections in Perham, the Ramsey county
workforce investment board, the Hennepin Carver workforce investment board
(WIB), for the workforce development employment and training services pilot
project in Mower, Freeborn, Dodge and Steele counties, for HIRED industry sector
training initiatives, for a nonprofit organization grant for disabled persons
increased employment opportunities, for the Minnesota youth program, for a grant
to the Minnesota alliance of boys and girls clubs for youth job skills
development, for a study to promote employment opportunities for minorities, and
for the Minnesota conservation corps (MCC) summer youth program for deaf
students learning stipends, for Explore Minnesota tourism, the Minnesota film
and TV board and for the St. Louis county heritage and arts center, to the
housing finance agency (HFA) for the economic development and challenge program,
urban and tribal Indian housing programs, housing trust fund, mentally ill
rental housing assistance program, family homeless prevention and assistance
programs, home ownership assistance and affordable rental investment funds,
housing rehabilitation and accessibility, home ownership education, counseling
and training program, nonprofit capacity building grants and a grant for
Hennepin county for foreclosure prevention purposes, to commissioner of labor
and industry for workers compensation Vinland center rehabilitation services,
safety codes and services, patient safe handling grants, labor standards
enforcement, apprenticeship program labor education and advancement programs
grants, and general support, to the bureau of mediation services for mediation
services and labor management cooperation grants, the workers compensation court
of appeals, to the Minnesota historical society for education and outreach, the
Minnesota sesquicentennial commission, grant in aid program for county and local
historical societies, preservation and access, the Minnesota international
center, the Minnesota air national guard museum and military museum and
Farmamerica (MN AIC), for grants for the Nicollet county historical society for
history renovation purposes, the Hmong studies center at Concordia university in
St. Paul for preservation of historical artifacts and documents, and the hockey
hall of fame museum in Eveleth, to the board of the arts for operations and
services, grants program and regional arts councils, to the board of
architecture, engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, geoscience
and interior design, board of accountancy, board of barber and cosmetologists
examiners, the Minnesota boxing commission and the Minnesota humanities
commission; authorizing certain fund transfers; requiring the Minnesota
historical society in cooperation with Explore Minnesota tourism to establish
and coordinate a Minnesota River Valley study group to promote the historic,
scenic and natural features of the Minnesota River Valley area


Classifying data from safety and
education programs for loggers; authorizing certain powers of the commissioner
of labor and industry, specifying certain notice, rulemaking and fee
requirements; permitting the commissioner of administration to determine state
building code surcharges, requiring municipal state building code surcharges to
be remitted to the commissioner, removing administrative monetary penalties
payment to the special revenue fund; making technical and housekeeping changes
in the department of employment and economic development (DEED); modifying
contamination cleanup and greater Minnesota redevelopment grant provisions;
expanding commissioner trade promotion duties; creating a working group on state
role in trade policy, specifying certain membership requirements and duties;
expanding the job skills partnership pathways program to include grants in aid
to workforce development intermediaries, modifying the matching formula;
defining workforce development intermediaries; expanding the definition of
dislocated worker to include terminated persons due to plant closings and layoff
under the state dislocated worker program; authorizing a workforce enhancement
fee under certain conditions; removing the workforce development fund special
assessment adjusted decrease; modifying workforce services areas designation
requirements; limiting interest charges and origination fees on nonprofit
corporation loans under the urban challenge grants program; establishing the
small business growth acceleration program under Minnesota Technology, Inc. to
provide assistance to certain qualified manufacturing companies; establishing a
packinghouse workers bill of rights for the meatpacking industry covering the
rights to adequate equipment; modifying bureau of mediation services arbitrator
application fees; prohibiting employment of minors relating to the presence of
intoxicating liquors, amending rules; modifying enforcement program requirements
under the occupational safety and health act; requiring the commissioner of
labor and industry to assign occupational safety and health inspectors to
offices on the Iron Range and in Bemidji; "Safe Patient Handling Act"; requiring
every licensed health care facility in the state to implement by a certain date
a safe patient handling program to eliminate patient manual lifting by nurses
(RN) and (LPN) and direct patient care workers, requiring mechanical assistive
devices use, requiring safe patient handling program committee formation,
providing for facilities with existing programs, authorizing commissioner of
labor and industry enforcement and grants; clarifying certain eligibility
requirements for unemployment insurance benefits and specifying certain
telephone system requirements; requiring the commissioner to study ways to
require workers compensation insurers to recognize compliance in workers
compensation premiums for health care and long term care facilities; requiring
the Minnesota state council on disability to convene a safe patient handling
work group, specifying certain membership requirements and duties; expanding the
definition of supported employment and defining affirmative business enterprise
employment for vocational rehabilitation purposes; modifying rehabilitation
facility boards membership requirements; authorizing paid work on the premises
of a rehabilitation facility certified as an integrated setting under certain
conditions; "Restroom Access Act", authorizing customer access to restroom
facilities in retail establishments under certain conditions, limiting liability
and imposing certain penalties for violations; authorizing regional development
commissions or regional organizations selected by the commissioner to develop a
program to support planning work on behalf of local government units; modifying
designation of biotechnology and health sciences industry zones requirements;
establishing a technology and commercialization unit in the department for
certain bioscience and technology issues and federal procurement liaison
activities; specifying certain public facilities authority projects funding
requirements; repealing state building code fees for licensure and inspection,
state procurement commissioner of employment and economic development reports,
fees and deposit requirements for division of boiler inspection, board of
electricity, plumbers fees, pipefitters, water conditioning contractors and
installers, and the contractors recovery fund


Requiring persons engaged in hair braiding for compensation to register
with the state board of barber and cosmetology examiners, specifying
registration cost and instruction and curriculum requirements, imposing fees;
modifying powers and duties of the commissioner of labor and industry under the
Fair Labor Standards Act, modifying employer record keeping requirements;
modifying contract requirements for state projects, specifying certain posting
requirements by a contractor or subcontractor performing public works projects,
authorizing the department of labor and industry to employ investigators for
enforcement purposes, requiring the commissioner to issue a withholding order to
the contracting authority for certain prevailing wage violations, specifying
certain notification requirements; providing independent contractors regulations
for individuals performing public or private sector commercial or residential
building construction or improvements services; prohibiting public employers
from retaliating against employees communicating the findings of a scientific or
technical study, classifying data, prescribing penalties, requiring the
commissioner to report to the legislature by a certain date recommendations for
implementing an administrative review procedure for addressing whistle blower
protection complaints; establishing the plumbing board to specify the plumbing
code and adopt rules necessary for enforcement of the codes licensing
requirements as determined by the board; specifying certain membership
requirements and duties; requiring the board to establish fees for licensing and
certifications; specifying certain reporting, transfer of authority and
appointment requirements; specifying limitations for termination of sales
representatives agreements for plumbing equipment and supplies; prohibiting
installation of air admittance valves and water free urinals under the plumbing
code; specifying certain requirements for licensing as a restricted journeyman
plumber or restricted master plumber by the commissioner; modifying plumber
license reciprocity provisions; establishing the construction code fund and
providing for deposits and balances transfer; requiring the access review board
to apply to the department of labor and industry for waivers and pay a fee to
the construction code fund; providing for a contractor recovery fund; modifying
certain boxing provisions, defining mixed martial arts, specifying regulatory
authority for similar sporting events, subjecting tough person contests to
American boxing commission rules, requiring physical examination prior to bouts;
specifying one year validity for licenses; increasing license fees; specifying
final interpretative authority for the state building code, the state plumbing
code, the state electrical code and the high pressure piping code; specifying
certain final interpretative committee review requirements; repealing certain
provisions relating to independent contractors and the definition of
contractor/independent contractor, and a certain plumbing license provision for
cities above a certain population


certain provisions regulating high pressure piping; establishing the board of
high pressure piping systems, specifying composition, powers and duties of the
board, providing administrative support; authorizing the board to set fees for
licenses and certifications and to adopt rules regulating high pressure piping
systems; specifying certain license reciprocity authority; modifying certain
powers and duties of the commissioner of labor and industry; making certain
conforming modifications; requiring contracting bonds to be filed with the
commissioner of labor and industry


Modifying the membership of the iron range resources and
rehabilitation board (IRRRB); modifying certain taconite economic development
fund release requirements; appropriating money from the IRRRB fund for
allocation to extend electric services and other infrastructure to a peat
project in Spencer township in Aitkin county, for the preservation of the B'nai
Abraham synagogue in the city of Virginia, and for grants to the Iron Range
youth in action program, to the Iron Range retriever club for pond and field
construction and to the city of Chisholm for infrastructure improvements at the
city owned baseball field; naming of the IRRRB office building in the city of
Eveleth as the Joe Begich building


Modifying certain
provisions regulating electricians; defining direct supervision; modifying the
board of electricity, specifying composition, powers and duties of the board,
providing administrative support; authorizing the board to set fees for licenses
and certifications and to adopt rules regulating electrical businesses;
modifying certain powers and duties of the commissioner of labor and industry;
making certain conforming modifications; requiring unlicensed persons performing
electrical work to register, modifying electrician licensing, registration and
renewal fees and expiration provisions, the inspection fee schedule and
requirements under the Minnesota electrical act; and modifying reciprocity
provision for the licensing of electricians


Renaming the apprenticeship advisory council the apprenticeship board and
making conforming changes to certain statutory provisions; modifying certain
rule requirements


Authorizing the Minnesota
historical society to contract for the repair of battle flags, specifying
certain preservation requirements; modifying manufactured home building code
administrative and fees deposit requirements; modifying the housing development
fund by allowing grants for public housing operating costs; requiring a certain
percentage of housing challenge program grants to be used for housing proposals
with financial or in kind contributions from nonstate resources, requiring
certain preferences among proposals; establishing the nanotechnology development
fund (NDF) program to develop a collaborative economic development initiative
between the state, private sector and multiple academic institutions to promote
small businesses and increase in the use of advanced nanoinstrumentation;
defining qualifying small business; providing for use of funds and grants;
specifying grant application and award procedures; requiring the commissioner of
employment and economic development (DEED) to develop and maintain a record
keeping system; providing for gifts and donations; requiring a report to the
legislature by a certain date; requiring the commissioner to convene a work
group to evaluate the impact of the money appropriated for wage incentives
55, 2007 - VETO)