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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 82

Bill Name: SF2046

E Modifying certain provisions relating to workers compensation; clarifying the
exception of independent contractors from the definition of employee relating to
the filing of federal income tax returns; providing for the payment of certain
penalties to the commissioner of labor and industry for deposit in the special
compensation fund or assigned risk safety account; providing for registered
nurse representation on the medical services review board; requiring interest
earned on revenue collected by the special compensation fund to be deposited
into the fund; clarifying certain employer reporting and assessment payment
requirements for special compensation fund reimbursement eligibility purposes;
extending and expanding the collective bargaining agreements pilot program;
eliminating a certain arbitrator selection requirement relating to equitable
apportionment disputes; clarifying the eligibility of bomb disposal unit
employees for workers compensation in disposing of or neutralizing bombs or
similar hazardous explosives; requiring service of denial of liability on the
employee within a certain number of days after notice to the employer;
eliminating certain initial injury report content requirements relating to
payments, requiring insurers and self insured employers to advise the
commissioner of payment amounts and dates; repealing a certain provision
providing for the role of compensation judges in the settlement of disputes and
settlement conferences (ra, ja)