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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: SF1946

E Requiring the commissioner of employment and economic development + (DEED) to
conduct an extended pilot project to study an industrial model for +employment
of individuals with severe disabilities in Thief River Falls; +requiring
employment to be provided by Custom products and specifying certain +project
requirement and beginning and ending dates; requiring commissioner +project
evaluation by a certain date; authorizing the commissioner to +transfer a
certain amount of money from the centers for independent living +program to the
vocational rehabilitation program to match federal vocational +rehabilitation
funds, requiring resulting additional funds to be divided equally +between the
two programs, limit; requiring the state director of the vocational
rehabilitation program to restore from the vocational rehabilitation +social
security administration program the amount transferred from the +centers for
independent living program; requiring independent living centers to +share data
with the vocational rehabilitation program for requirements +compliance
ensurance purposes (ja)