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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 82

Bill Name: SF1944

E Relating to child support and spousal maintenance; requiring the crediting of
child support payments made to public authorities responsible for child support
enforcement other than income withholding payments to the date of payment
receipt by the central collections unit; specifying a certain public authority
automated enforcement remedies timing requirement relating to income withholding
and restricting public authorities submittal of debt under the revenue recapture
act to obligors in arrears in court ordered child support or maintenance
payments in amounts greater than the total monthly support and maintenance
payments or to debts entered and docketed as judgments; clarifying and modifying
the crime of nonsupport of a spouse or child; expanding support or maintenance
notice requirements to the criminal penalties for nonsupport; specifying spousal
liability for necessary medical services; excepting the crime from certain
sentence limits; expanding the crime to certain violations relating to failure
to pay the full amount of court ordered support or maintenance; requiring an
attempt to obtain a contempt order as a prerequisite to prosecution for the
crime; providing an affirmative defense for proof of lawful excuse for
noncompliance; specifying conditions for the discharge and dismissal of charges,
providing for placement on probation with certain conditions, authorizing the
court to discharge the person from probation before the expiration of the
maximum period upon full payment of arrearages or upon violation of probation to
enter an adjudication of guilt and proceed as previously provided; providing for
dismissal of proceedings upon completion of the period of probation without
violation, records to be retained by the bureau of criminal apprehension (BCA)
as not public (ra, ja)