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Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: SF1907

E Relating to elections; providing for the handling of complaints of+ unfair
campaign practices by the office of administrative hearings, +eliminating the
requirement for county attorneys to investigate alleged violations, +authorizing
county attorney prosecutions, requiring notice by affidavit for +prosecution of
voter registration or eligibility alleged violations; creating an administrative
remedy for violations of fair campaign practices in +state and local elections;
imposing a time limit on the filing of complaints +and specifying the form and
imposing a filing fee, authorizing waiver; +burden of proof to be on the
complainant; providing for prima facie review by +an administrative law judge,
requiring and providing for expedited +probable cause or evidentiary hearings
upon certain findings, procedures; providing +for joinder and separation of
complaints and for the assessment of costs,+ requiring set aside of a certain
amount of the income tax checkoff to pay for +the assessments; (mk, ja)