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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 86

Bill Name: SF1890

3E Modifying certain provisions relating to health information technology and
infrastructure; defining certain terms; establishing an e-health advisory
committee replacing e-health information technology and infrastructure advisory
committee; modifying certain criteria hospitals and health care, providers must
meet when implementing electronic health record systems; requiring commissioner
of health to ensure that state implementation meets certain federal
requirements; requiring commissioner to ensure coordination of information
technology between state, regional and national levels of government; requiring
commissioner to coordinate statewide responses to certain ongoing federal
changes; authorizing commissioner of human services to apply for federal funding
and recommend possible policy change ideas to legislature; requiring
commissioner of health to request the submission of data by certain providers,
dispensers, group purchasers and electronic data intermediaries regarding the
use of health information technology, prohibiting commissioner from collecting
data identifying patients; modifying purpose of electronic health record system
revolving account and loan program; modifying eligibility of the program;
specifying a process for commissioner of health to make loans to eligible
provider groups, defining and modifying definitions to certain terms relating to
the electronic prescription drug program, modifying certain requirements for
electronic prescribing