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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 86

Bill Name: SF1876

3E Relating to transportation, making technical changes, requiring USDOT number
display, making conforming changes to federal regulations, modifying implement
of husbandry brake requirements, tire weights, gross weight schedule, baled farm
products transport, forest products gross weight limitations, restricted route
gross weight reduction, gross weight unloading, two and three-unit vehicle
permits, six and seven-axle vehicles, special farm products requirements,
special canola hauling permits, seasonal load restrictions, department of
transportation (DOT) carrier petitions, carrier rules continuation, motor
carrier definitions, violations, exceptions, exemptions, motor carriers of
property, safety regulation relief, intrastate carriers, federal safety
requirements, hazardous materials regulation, permit application process, fees,
insurance, household goods carriers, prepaid temporary vehicle identification
cards, permit granting, filing, hearings, compensation, class I and II carriers,
operating authority suspension, cancellation and reinstatement, new petition,
federal regulations, registration violations and identification; providing a
revisor of statutes instruction; repealing traffic regulation provisions
relating to implement of husbandry brakes, nine-ton county roads and weight
limit for undesignated routes gross weight seasonal increases, designation of
route and weight-limitation route designation by local government weight
limitations, motor carrier armored carrier and service, class I, II, contract,
courier services, livestock, local cartage and permit carriers,
less-than-truckload freight, temperature-controlled commodity, terminal,
truckload freight, intrastate and class I carriers, permit to other motor
carrier, temporary permit approval process for cooperative association,
livestock, courier, household goods, class II and temperature-controlled
commodities carriers, class II-T and II-L permits, vehicle identification,
armored carrier insurance or bond, ex parte transfer and transfer of certain
authority for permit assignable or transferable, armored carrier conversion of
operating authority, shipping document truckload record, temperature-controlled
commodities, courier services, contract and local cartage carriers shipping
documents, local cartage carriers permit requirements, petition, fees, bond,
limitations and transferability