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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 88

Bill Name: SF1664

Relating to legislative enactments; correcting miscellaneous oversights,
inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors relating
to advisory inspections conducted by the pollution control agency (PCA);
clarifying a workforce development appropriation relating to FastTRAC -
Minnesota Adult Careers Pathways Program; specifying certain competitive grant
limitations for organizations receiving a direct workforce development
appropriation; modifying department of commerce contact information relating to
information about contracts for deed; modifying a provision reducing the general
fund base funding of the bureau of criminal apprehension; modifying certain
general education aid amounts; making technical change to school performance
reports requirement language; modifying the number of members to be appointed to
the career pathways advisory task force; modifying alternative teacher
compensation aid amounts; making a technical change to a provision relating to
the granting or renewal of a charter school; modifying the 2015 special
education revenue cross subsidy reduction aid percentage; making reference
changes to 2014 and 2015 special education aid; modifying the regular special
education aid amount for 2014; authorizing the commissioner of health to advance
working capital for the purpose of providing eliminating health disparities
grants to certain organizations with limited fiscal capacity; clarifying the
effective date for certain education achievement and integration revenue;
modifying description of certain land relating to payments for land by the
commissioner of natural resources; specifying additional levies which levy
limits are not applicable; modifying implementation date of a Minnesota
comprehensive tobacco tax collection system; specifying certain general
education aid amounts; correcting a reference concerning a health carrier
disclosure requirement; clarifying the effective date of certain charter school
provisions; modifying a certain E-12 education provision relating to science
credit equivalencies; specifying certain chemical and mental health
appropriations and adult mental health grants be for compulsive gambling
treatment; modifying a reference stating when a juvenile has been adjudicated
delinquent of a crime; modifying a provision relating to the mineral tax
distribution to the city of Grand Marais; modifying city aid distribution
formula for aids payable in 2014