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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: SF1515

Modifying certain metropolitan area transit and certain other local +tax
provisions; providing a standing appropriation to the metropolitan +council from
the metropolitan area transit appropriation account for metropolitan +area
transit systems; eliminating the payment of market value homestead +credit
reimbursements to cities; making optional the requirement for the +metropolitan
council to provide financial assistance under the replacement service+ program
to requesting metropolitan communities and limiting the amount of the assistance
based on the total amount of transit tax levies collected +by the metropolitan
council; modifying the authority of cities or towns +eligible for the assistance
to impose local transit levies; modifying the transit +tax levy formula and
imposing certain limits; requiring the council to impose +a levy on taxable
property within the metropolitan transit area outside the +metropolitan taxing
district, restricting use to paratransit services or ride +sharing programs
outside the district; providing a formula for determination +of the maximum
metropolitan council levy for general transit purposes on +taxable property
within a city or town; reducing local government aid to +cities for and 2004;
authorizing the metropolitan council and local + government units receiving
certain revenues for transit services in calendar year 2002+ to borrow to
replace certain lost revenue, authorizing a special levy for +repayment;
repealing property tax replacement aid and certain city LGA increases (ra)