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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 89

Bill Name: SF1431

1E Modifying the guaranteed energy-savings program; defining propane, propane
storage facility, synthetic gas, and repowering; modifying rate changes and
allowances; allowing the public utilities commission (PUC) to approve rate
recovery for natural gas extension project revenue deficiencies; modifying
renewable energy objectives; changing the state energy policy to achieve higher
annual energy savings; modifying energy conservation improvement definitions;
allowing municipalities or cooperatives to appeal commissioner decisions;
modifying energy-saving goals; modifying the definition of large energy facility
to exclude propane storage facilities; modifying transmission projects report
requirements to include incremental investments identification to modernize the
existing transmission and distribution grid and requiring distribution studies
to identify interconnection points on the distribution systems; modifying
certificate of need exemptions for large wind energy conversion systems (LWECS);
requiring the commissioner of commerce to maintain an energy assurance and
emergency conservation plan and specifying plan requirements and protocols;
requiring the commissioner to establish a state priority end user program and
granting the commissioner authority to ensure availability of necessary supplies
of motor gasoline, middle distillates, and propane for priority end users;
modifying and defining energy audit program terms and adding natural gas as a
heating fuel for certain buildings as an energy improvement; allowing solar
energy generating systems with certain capacity to be classified with large
electric power generating plants; requiring county solar energy system permit
applications to include a size determination; allowing one site application for
large solar energy generating system plants and providing an exception from
local approval; authorizing county boards and municipalities to assume
responsibility for processing applications for permits for solar facilities;
requiring certain wind energy projects to extend lease of wind rights; allowing
a study of performance metrics; providing for rate options and terms under a
competitive rate schedule for energy-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) electric
utility customers; repealing emergency energy conservation and allocation plan
and energy improvement program for local governments certificate of