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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 86

Bill Name: SF1331

4E Relating to elections


Moving the date
of state primary election from September to June, making conforming amendments,
requiring a primary election be held for the election of soil and water
conservation district board of supervisors in certain situations, modifying
certain requirements of colleges within Minnesota state colleges and
universities system to supply lists of enrolled students to secretary of state
for voting purposes, specifying the request of compliance by university of
Minnesota, modifying and clarifying residence violation notice requirements,
clarifying residency requirements for eligible voter within a redrawn political
boundary, modifying registered voter signature requirements, removing
requirement for county auditor certification of student lists, requiring
secretary of state website to be capable of providing voter registration
confirmation to registered voters, providing for precinct house number or street
address changes made by a municipality, modifying certain duties of county
auditor relating to registration mail verification requirements, modifying
requirements for the reporting of deceased voters, requiring a secretary of
state legislative report regarding registration notices returned as
undeliverable, clarifying application procedures, ongoing absentee status,
requiring municipal clerks to receive training from secretary of state before
administering early voting, requiring application recording in statewide
registration system; modifying the eligibility certificate, return envelopes,
placing responsibility for accepting or rejecting ballot with county auditors
and municipal clerks, requiring secretary of state to ensure absentee ballot
status with inquiring voters, expanding absentee voting conditions and
acceptance of absentee ballots, procedures for absentee ballot acceptance,
establishing and providing for local ballot boards and prescribing duties,
making conforming changes, changing filing times, requiring candidate filing fee
payment, modifying withdrawal, in the event of death provisions, special
election provisions, providing a procedure for subsequent vacancy in nomination
in special elections, providing ward boundary changes restriction, providing a
municipal boundary adjustment procedure, requiring voting station availability
to other local jurisdictions, modifying election judge requirements, authorizing
resolutions for additional election judges, permitting election judges to affirm
oath of office, modifying certain dates, changing the regular state primary
date, special election timing, notice and filing, providing for federal office
special election, permitting town board return to March elections, establishing
an election results reporting system, providing review of rejected absentee
ballots, a precinct votes election results reporting system, allowing clerks to
arrange for rejected absentee ballots review, providing a precinct votes
election results reporting system, providing school district candidate filing
and precinct votes election results reporting systems, requiring voting system
accreditation, prohibiting write-in candidate labels distribution to voters,
permitting town supervisor six-year terms, repealing school elections use of
voter registration system, ballot application permanent illness or disability,
delivery of absentee ballot applications to election judges, election judges to
receive and count ballots, absentee ballot boards, election day special
procedures and state voting systems contracts escrow of source code


Modifying certain campaign finance and public disclosure
provisions; modifying and clarifying the definitions of campaign expenditure,
contribution, independent expenditure and noncampaign disbursement; modifying
certain late filing provisions relating to lobbyists and certain certified mail
notice requirements; modifying certain duties of the
campaign finance and pubic
disclosure board; modifying exceptions to the gift prohibition provisions for
lobbyists; modifying certain lobbyist representation disclosure requirements;
modifying provisions relating to statements of economic interest relating to
late filing; modifying certain political organization registration form content
requirements; authorizing board to grant exemptions from the e-mail requirement
for good cause shown; specifying electronic filing requirements for campaign
reports; specifying release procedure of campaign reports and classifying data
and clarifying the publication of data in reports of certain political party
units; modifying the penalty of failing to file a campaign report within a
certain period of time; modifying expenditure or noncampaign disbursement
disclosure report requirements for third-party reimbursement; modifying
provisions relating to the distribution of party accounts for income tax
payments; requiring public subsidy be withheld from a candidate failing to file
report of receipts and expenditures before a certain date; modifying date for
candidate to sign and submit a spending limit agreement; modifying the affidavit
of contribution filing period for a candidate running in a special election;
clarifying certain prohibitions for commercial use of campaign reports and
statements; classifying campaign report data filed with the board; modifying
election campaign contribution and expenditure reporting requirements and
expanding report content requirements, clarifying notice of failure to file
requirements; providing an exception to the charitable contribution limit for
principal campaign committees; requiring the
board to analyze the potential use
of funds collected through income tax
designation to the state elections
campaign fund for board operation funding purposes; repealing certain
independent expenditure notice provisions
(Ch. 162, 2009 - VETO)