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Legislative Session number- 87

Bill Name: SF1143

3E Relating to government data practices; classifying and authorizing the
sharing of government data; providing for the sharing of energy assistance
program data and reimbursement of expenses of the commissioners of commerce and
human services; modifying the definition of responsible authority in a political
subdivision as it relates to government data practices; establishing certain
government entity obligations relating to inventory, access and availability of
certain data; modifying certain procedures for the public to access government
data; prescribing the classification and effect of dissemination of government
data among certain agencies; modifying the dissemination of opinions by the
commissioner of administration regarding certain data; modifying certain
definitions and classification procedures relating to nonpublic data;
establishing certain exclusions to civil investigation authorizations involving
a dispute over a government entity's timeliness regarding responding to a data
request; modifying the definition of personal data; establishing and providing
certain access to employee suggestion data; establishing certain private data
relating to contractors or subcontractors; modifying certain nonpublic data
relating to applicants for appointment to public bodies; establishing certain
dependent eligibility audit information as classified; defining and establishing
privacy status or certain data included in unofficial fiscal notes; classifying
data obtained for design-build projects; classifying certain data related to
adopt-a-highway program; establishing certain inactive financial transaction
investigative data as nonpublic; providing for open meeting law coded elsewhere;
including certain meetings of the board of animal health, Minnesota life and
health guaranty association, comprehensive health association, health technology
advisory committee, health coverage reinsurance association, self-insurers'
security fund, commercial self-insurance group security fund, Lessard-Sams
outdoor heritage council, Enterprise Minnesota, Inc., Minnesota Business
Finance, Inc., Northern Technology Initiative, Inc., agricultural utilization
research institute, certain hospital authorities, the advisory council on
workers' compensation, certain electric cooperatives, town boards, the Hennepin
county medical center and HMO, and the Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc.
specifying a dependent eligibility audit for persons eligible for state paid
insurance and benefit, specifying certain limitations on the termination of
dependent coverage; authorizing access to the department of natural resources
(DNR) electronic licensing data for certain purposes; modifying certain data
privacy provisions for energy programs; repealing provisions relating to the
public document preparation, dissemination of copies and the publication of data
document access procedures and data classification provisions relating to the
Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (IRRB)