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Legislative Session number- 88

Bill Name: SF0671

2E Relating to criminal justice


money to the supreme, district, specialty, and tax courts, the court of appeals,
the guardian ad litem board, the uniform laws commission, the boards on judicial
standards and public defense, for sentencing guidelines, to the department of
public safety, to the peace officer standards and training (POST) and private
detective boards, and to the departments of human rights and


Relating to guardians
and conservators; requiring the commissioner of human services to recover
background study data costs through certain fee charges; modifying appointment
provisions; requiring courts to request commissioner of human services licensing
data from appropriate licensing agencies; increasing the background study fee;
increasing the background study requirement frequency; requiring state licensing
agency data under certain conditions; requiring courts to request department of
human services licensing agency data; specifying proposed guardian and
conservator disclosure and reporting requirements


Specifying use for funds received for out-of-state offenders
incarcerated in Minnesota and appropriating funds to the department of
authorizing the commissioner of corrections to release certain
nonviolent controlled substance offenders; allowing offender petition for
conditional release; requiring offer of chemical dependency treatment;
specifying treatment components, additional requirements, imprisonment term
extension, release conditions and procedure, eligibility, and notice;
prohibiting special revenue fund driver and vehicle services accounts
expenditures for unauthorized purposes; increasing the grants-in-aid to youth
intervention program allocation formula and modifying the use for a grant to the
Minnesota youth intervention programs association; establishing a court
technology fund and account derived from a technology fee imposition,
authorizing board establishment; extending the period of validity for department
of human rights public contract certificates of compliance and increasing the
filing fee; providing certain court of appeals judges with a housing and a
mileage reimbursement; providing for a 36 month presumptive executed sentence
for certain repeat sex offenders; permitting court to stay execution of sentence
under certain conditions; removing a case priority requirement for legal
services to low-income clients in family law matters; increasing judicial
salaries; requiring an interagency agreement between the commissioners of
corrections and human services for hospitalized inmate medical assistance (MA)
payments; requiring a juvenile justice system report; repealing the inmate
housing account in the special revenue fund


Requiring timely transmittal of civil commitment, law enforcement,
and court data to certain state and federal searchable databases; specifying
certain duties of the commissioner of corrections relating to the transfer of
fingerprint records of offenders from other states; modifying and specifying
certain bureau of criminal apprehension (BCA) duties and recordkeeping
provisions, requiring the conversion of criminal justice agencies data into
electronic format in a specified period of time, specifying inclusion
information relating to civil commitment orders and firearm eligibility
restoration; requiring court notification to ineligible persons subject to a
firearm ownership prohibition; requiring prompt reporting of disqualifying
mental health data by courts; requiring a legislative report by the criminal and
juvenile justice information policy group

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