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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 86

Bill Name: SF0535

Authorizing and providing for the director of the state lottery to enter
contracts with certain on-sale alcoholic beverage retailers for the
and maintenance of video lottery terminals on the premises,
specifying certain procedures, restrictions and authorizing inspections without
notice; defining or redefining certain terms; providing for the payment of
investigation and background check costs relating to owning and operating the
terminals and for retention of a certain percentage of net terminal income by
lottery retailers as commission, requiring transmission of a portion to the
licensed organizations conducting lawful gambling on the premises, restricting
the expenditure of money received by licensed organizations from net video
lottery terminal income to lawful purposes; prohibiting local regulation;
specifying certain lottery terminal specification requirements, limiting the
amount allowed to be played and specifying a maximum prize amount; providing for
testing and examination of the terminals; authorizing the director to deactivate
the terminals without
notice for certain retailer violations; providing for the
payment of video
lottery credit receipts, requiring retailer payment of
unclaimed prizes to the
lottery; excluding winnings from tax or debt
withholding requirements; requiring display on the terminals of the approximate
odds of winning; specifying the win percentage for lottery prize fund deposit
purposes; limiting the amount of net terminal income allowed to be spent for
operation of the terminals, requiring the director to remit a certain percentage
of net terminal income from the lottery operations account to be held in trust
by the commissioner of human services in a compulsive gambling trust account to
be used after a certain date; prohibiting play by minors; expanding the crime of
state lottery fraud to certain credit receipt violations and to tampering with
the terminals; exempting the terminals from the definition of gambling device
for gambling crimes purposes; exempting gross receipts from operation of the
terminals from the in lieu sales tax; requiring the lottery director to submit a
budget for the operation of video lottery terminals to the commissioner of
finance; repealing the pull tab and tipboard tax, the definition of gambling
product, the combined receipts tax, and untaxed gambling product