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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 85

Bill Name: SF0294

1E Relating to public safety; recodifying and restructuring the law on
expungements of criminal records; requiring an application for employment used
by an employer seeking information concerning prior arrests or convictions of
applicants must state the request for information does not apply to sealed or
expunged criminal records; providing for the grounds and procedures for
expungement of criminal records under certain applicable laws; limiting the
remedy available to a court sealing the records and prohibiting the disclosure
or opening except under court order or statutory authority; specifying certain
grounds for order; requiring the filing of a petition to expunge criminal
records, specifying certain fee and petition content requirements, requiring
service of petition and proposed order, specifying certain hearing requirements,
providing for maintenance of records; specifying certain orders concerning
crimes of violence; specifying certain effect and limitations of order;
requiring distribution of expungement orders by the court administrator;
providing for state of order and appeal; specifying certain factors to be
considered for issuing an expungement order and certain duties and extent of
order of the court; exempting employers or prospective employers from duty to
discover expunged records; specifying certain instructions to the revisor of
statutes; repealing certain existing provisions regulating criminal records