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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 86

Bill Name: SF0080

4E Relating to elections; modifying certain campaign finance and public
disclosure provisions; modifying and clarifying the definitions of campaign
expenditure, contribution, independent expenditure, noncampaign disbursement and
official; requiring lobbyist web site address disclosure on registration;
modifying certain late filing provisions relating to lobbyists and certain
certified mail notice requirements; requiring lobbyist electronic addresses and
allowing board electronic publication; modifying certain duties of the campaign
finance and pubic disclosure board; modifying exceptions to the gift prohibition
provisions for lobbyists; modifying certain lobbyist representation disclosure
requirements; modifying provisions relating to statements of economic interest
relating to late filing; modifying certain political organization registration
form content requirements; authorizing the board to grant exemptions from the
e-mail requirement for good cause shown; specifying electronic filing
requirements for campaign reports; specifying release procedure of campaign
reports and classifying data and clarifying the publication of data in reports
of certain political party units; modifying the penalty of failing to file a
campaign report within a certain period of time; modifying expenditure or
noncampaign disbursement disclosure report requirements for third-party
reimbursement; increasing certain contribution limits for state legislators,
secretary of state and state auditor and providing contribution limits for
judicial candidates; requiring public subsidy be withheld from a candidate
failing to file report of receipts and expenditures before a certain date;
modifying date for candidate to sign and submit a spending limit agreement;
modifying the affidavit of contribution filing period for a candidate running in
a special election; clarifying certain prohibitions for commercial use of
campaign reports and statements; classifying campaign report data filed with the
board; modifying election campaign contribution and expenditure reporting
requirements and expanding report content requirements; clarifying notice of
failure to file requirements; providing an exception to the charitable
contribution limit for principal campaign committees; requiring the board to
analyze the potential use of funds collected through income tax designation to
the state elections campaign fund for board operation funding purposes;
repealing certain independent expenditure notice provisions